Alexandria Erosion Control

Keep Your Project from Washing Away with Industry Leading Erosion Control & Geosynthetics in Fergus Falls

Erosion control is essential in protecting our wildlife, waterways, and public/private properties and controlling pollution. Geosynthetics play a critical role in a wide variety of projects, from weed control to soil stabilization.  

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If you have questions about the solutions we can provide for erosion control in Alexandria, get in touch with our team.

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Keep Your Soil Where It Is Meant to Be

Silt Fence

Silt fence is a woven fabric that temporarily controls sediment on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes from sediment in storm water runoff.

Silt Sock

Silt sock is environmentally friendly for wetlands, waterways, and general areas under construction.

The benefits of using silt sock include:

  • Easy installation
  • Filters 90% of sediment from runoff
  • Low maintenance
  • No equipment needed to install
  • Reusable

Straw Wattles

Straw wattles are weed-free and help stabilize slopes by slowing, spreading, and filtering overland water flow. Wattles are flexible to conform to the soil surface and can be secure by staking.

Landscape Staples

Hold your geotextiles, geogrid, and erosion control products in place with landscape staples.

Coconut Blankets

We carry Western Excelsior Excel CC-4 and CS-3 extended-term erosion control blankets. The CC-4 consists of 100% coconut fibers and provides erosion control for a period of up to three years and serves as a mulching layer. CS-3 is made of straw and coconut.

Coconut blankets offer advantages such as:

  • Erosion control up to three years
  • Serves as a mulching layer

Turf Reinforcement Mat

Western Excelsior Excel PP5-10 is intended to provide immediate erosion control and long-term turf reinforcement for more severe slope and channelized applications.

With turf reinforcement mats, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Erosion control greater than three years
  • Turf reinforcement for more severe slope applications

Straw Blankets

Straw blankets are an ideal solution for rainfall/rain splash protection on shallow slopes and channel protection for low-risk, low-flow channels.

Choose straw blankets to experience advantages including:

  • Erosion control up to one year
  • Serves as a mulching layer
  • Weed-free straw

Curlex Blankets

Curlex blankets can control erosion and mitigate water damage on commercial and residential properties. They are often made of biodegradable materials and designed to blend in with natural surroundings.


If you are looking for something to control the weeds in your landscape and stabilize your rip rap or driveway project, geosynthetics will serve your purpose.

View our wide variety of erosion control products here.


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